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Testimonials by people who have been treated by Vicki Fludgate of Beauvic Health Solutions with Bowen:

Neck and back pain.

Initially I was very sceptical about this Bowen treatment.
I suffer from lower back pain and each morning I would practically crawl out of bed.
However, I gave it a go and I must admit the very small movements that were given, I thought would never work.
It took approximately six treatments and although I experienced better movement in my back, I guess this was the best it would get with Bowen.
However, three weeks later I realised I had no pain at all – I felt great.
I now have regular monthly treatments to keep it at bay because I do not want to go back to square one.
A good result for me.

Dee Baines, Canford Heath, Poole.



"I started having Bowen from practitioner Victoria Fludgate about 6 months ago and at first had only the general treatment intended to improve overall well being. The results I have had from receiving the treatment have been that it has helped me with my energy levels and skeletal alignment.

I have felt an overall improvement in my physical well being and also been more mentally alert. I have since had more specific treatments on my pelvis and jaw which have also improved my well-being. I have found with Bowen that the effects can come some time after the actual treatment and are long lasting. Having the treatment itself is a pleasant and relaxing experience and often provides some immediate release.

Vicky is an expert therapist with a lovely gentle manner and I would recommend having a treatment from her to anyone wishing to improve a specific health condition or for an overall general health improvement. " - Rebecca Fludgate



"After suffering with sever back ache and sciatica for over 10 years Vicky's Bowen sessions were like a breath of fresh air. Not only did Vicky ease my lower back pain with ease and effortlessly, but the left side of my body re-aligned to brilliant health.

Plus my mental attitude shifted too. I never realised how much my back problems affected my clarity and how much it was all connected. I now feel a lot lighter and my back has become incredibly freer to move around without pain.

Vicky is by far one of the most compassionate and fully engaged practitioners I have ever met. I would highly recommend her and her professional services to anyone who is seeking the freedom from their back pain" ~

Brett Moran – Charminster, Bournemouth

  27th January 2013
To whom it may concern,
Testimonial for Miss Victoria Fludgate

I have great pleasure in providing a testimonial for Miss Victoria Fludgate and the efficacy of the Bowen therapy she administers.
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease some 7 years ago and during this time I have received Reiki, massage and other treatments from Vicki, all of which have helped me cope with the disease and kept me mobile. A year ago Vicki advised me that she was going to train to be a Bowen therapist, having experienced herself the benefits of this treatment. She suggested it might also help to alleviate my Parkinson’s symptoms. Further research on the internet revealed that other Parkinson’s patients had already found Bowen to be an extremely effective treatment for the condition, especially when combined with changes in lifestyle such as diet and the avoidance of neurotoxins.
I willingly volunteered to be a test case for Vicki as she progressed with her training as a Bowen therapist. To say that we were amazed by the results would be an understatement. Not only did my frozen shoulder unlock for the first time in 7 years, but my mobility and general well-being have both improved dramatically. I am now more active and feel fitter than at any time in the past 7 years, and I have also been able to significantly reduce the medication I require.
The Bowen treatments themselves are very gentle but powerful. I have to admit I usually end up falling asleep during a treatment session, the therapy is so relaxing. However, two days later the therapy kicks in with a perceptible flow of energy throughout my body and my muscles becoming unlocked and free to move. Unlike chiropractic treatments or physiotherapy, where I have found the benefits have worn off in a short space of time, I have found the effectiveness of the Bowen treatments to last a lot longer – often two months or more. Even then, some muscles may have tightened up somewhat, but in no way am I locked up in the manner I used to be.
Vicki is an excellent practitioner of a wide range of therapies. She is very professional in her work, but is also a very caring and considerate person. I am delighted to recommend Vicki to any potential patient, and can vouch wholeheartedly for the efficacy of her Bowen therapy. Vicki and Bowen have given me back my life!
Yours sincerely,

Martin Peters

Contact Vicky on 07720 396 154 or email info@beauvic.co.uk to book an appointment