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How does Bowen therapy work?

There are several explanations as to how Bowen Therapy works. As with most therapies, it is the result of the treatment that most people are more concerned about. There are only a very small number of people who do not respond to Bowen. There may be reasons for this, one of which is that the person puts up psychological blocks because they don’t fully understand how it works and it isn’t presented within mainstream conventional medicine.
A Bowen procedure is made up of various moves. A Bowen move is made by a therapist gently rolling their thumbs or fingers over muscles, tendons or ligaments. A lot of singular movements are made at certain points all over the body within an organised system that has already been worked out.

One theory is that the movement created by the gentle Bowen technique near the surface of the skin works through to the deeper layers along the fascial covering (connective tissue) of the muscles and is relayed back to the brain.

This theory is one way of explaining how one injury or problem in an area of the body, may be a symptom (result) created by the original problem or problems in other areas, that seem to have no connection. A basic way of explaining this is ‘your ankle bone’s connected to your knee bone’ etc., right the way up to your head.
Staying with this theory, you can begin to see why the body needs to be looked at as one unit and not as separate or individual parts. This also relates to any problem or issue that happens as a result of receiving the therapy. It then becomes easier to understand how, the gentle Bowen movements can be worked through the muscular level to the deeper organ level within the body.

This means that Bowen can also help with the systems of the body e.g. lymphatic (immune system), digestive, kidney and respiratory or any problems relating to these. Other reactions that can happen, relate to the release of emotional issues and worries. Bowen can induce a feeling of incredible peace and relaxation. This may be part of the letting go of emotional tension release process, but again the process for this is not completely clear.

A way of likening the role of the therapist is to relate it to that of a starter motor in a car, e.g. the therapist applies Bowen to the body which initiates the self adjustment and healing process. Short rest periods included into the treatment are very important for this change. The numerous moves over the body means that the brain has a lot of increased information to process during each treatment. The 2 minute rest periods allow the body time for the brain to react to the new information and start the gentle process of change and repair.

This can last over a period of a few days and can be seen as a car starting it’s journey from A to B, but within that journey different things can happen, i.e. the body can feel different sensations such as slightly increased pain where the body is releasing the tension, or pins and needles where a muscle is no longer pressing on a nerve, or even itching where there is more blood flow to that part of the body. These changes are all positive signs that the body is healing itself.

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